Christmas Read-a-long 2014



Julius Caesar by Benchowfat

Julius Caesar by Benchowfat

Every couple of years, the LBC-ers come together virtually to read a book over the Christmas period. This year – after a wonderful discussion of Augustus by John Williams – the LBC White Swan crew allowed me to persuade them that it was time for us to tackle some of the Bard – a little known writer from the 16th century.

It was a toss up between Julius Caesar and Anthony and Cleopatra…and in the end, Julius emerged victorious. Well, we felt he was due a victory!

Written in 1599 by William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar has been used as a torture instrument in schools for centuries and will no doubt provide a festive thrill to us all!

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There are 5 acts in this play. We’re going to tackle them each fortnight in the build up to Christmas!

WC – 13th of Oct 2014 – ACT 01

WC – 27th of Oct 2014 – ACT 02

WC – 10th of Nov 2014 – ACT 03

WC – 24th of Nov 2014 – ACT 04

WC – 08th of Dec 2014 – ACT 05


The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

Available FREEProject Gutenberg

Available FREEiTunes

Available FREEKindle


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