The X Files

Four new cases!
Sort of.
Had popped in to OKComics for one of our usual (increasingly) surreal, bizarre and incoherent conservations last week when I overheard one of their regulars discussing the X Files comic.
As a HUGE fan of the series; I knew I’d have to read it.
The X Files was one of the first shows that I became OBSESSED with.
I’d rush up to the video shop every week and eagerly had over my pocket money to borrow a homemade copy of three or four weeks worth, adverts included – if Im honest with you – the adverts made it better.
It was the first show I’d memorize sections off my heart for. The first show I cut pictures out of magazines for.
And my first major crush.
Oh Fox…sorry Mulder…I was smitten from the start.

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