Found – Little Lost Bear named Rupert

Today I visited Canterbury for the first time. What a place! From the cathedral to the art galleries to this truly amazing second hand book shop (Kings English - they sell books to raise money for the homeless - and I found an original Fontana cover Agatha Christie as well as several Dorothy L Sayers!) … Continue reading Found – Little Lost Bear named Rupert


Now (cheat) reading – The Batman Who Laughs

Because I was just lent it and it looks so good! Obviously I’ll return to the book club choice tomorrow! "Left rattled by the events of Dark Nights: Metal, Bruce Wayne must come face to face with the ultimate evil spawned from the Dark Multiverse. One part Batman one part Joker. The Batman Who Laughs. … Continue reading Now (cheat) reading – The Batman Who Laughs

The Witcher – The Last Wish

Last year (like a fortnight ago but it's fun to say), @BookElfLeeds told me that she'd watched the first episode of the Witcher series on Netflix and thought it was a very 'me' show. Two days later, I'd finished the entire eight episodes. What can I say - the Elf knows me very well! … Continue reading The Witcher – The Last Wish

Incredibly relatable illustration

Spotted this while randomly googling imaginary libraries that I wish were mine (what? perfectly valid search thread) by Tom Gauld (who tweets as @TomGauld).   Then spent a very happy half hour checking out his comics - many have a literary theme! He does happen to have a book out - Baking with Kafka - … Continue reading Incredibly relatable illustration

PODCAST – Culturally Minded Ep 02

Leeds Book Club has been participating in the Arts and Minds Network's Sharing Stories Project for the last few years. In previous years, we read and discussed books - you can find the list below - however, in 2015, we decided to broaden our scope. Tom of the Arts and Mind Network and I will be meeting up … Continue reading PODCAST – Culturally Minded Ep 02

PLUG and REVIEW (ish) – 2 KILL Comic

In my other blogging persona, you might recall me bragging about my friend Tom Ellis HERE and HERE. Well, the little sod has gone and done it again! Damn him and his inspirational/creative self! Tom has created a comic book series. And written the first issue. And published it. And is selling it. EPISODE 01 IS … Continue reading PLUG and REVIEW (ish) – 2 KILL Comic

The X Files

Four new cases! Sort of. Had popped in to OKComics for one of our usual (increasingly) surreal, bizarre and incoherent conservations last week when I overheard one of their regulars discussing the X Files comic. As a HUGE fan of the series; I knew I'd have to read it. The X Files was one of … Continue reading The X Files

LBCGiraffe – Book 05 – Watchmen

#LBCGiraffe     Venue: Giraffe Bar and Grill Date:  Tuesday 5th of February 2013 Time:  6pm - 8pm Address: 6 Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5RW Tel: (0113) 244 1500 WATCHMEN ALAN MOORE DAVE GIBBONS (ARTIST) JOHN HIGGINS (COLOURIST) * * * * * SPOILERS * * * * * * * * * * SPOILERS * * * * * * * * … Continue reading LBCGiraffe – Book 05 – Watchmen

Return to the Dark Crystal

When single shines the triple sun, What was sundered and undone Shall be whole, the two made one, By Gelfling hand, or else by none. THE GELFLING PROPHECY   A few months ago, I reviewed Return to Labyrinth - a 4 part manga/comic continuation of the epically awesome 1986 Jim Henson film - Labyrinth. You … Continue reading Return to the Dark Crystal

Return to Labyrinth

Have you ever been at a party and had someone mention... the macarena or something similar, and before you know it, a whole pile of 20-somethings are on their feet, singing along, doing all the movements, generally making right eijits of themselves, and loving it? Well, my version of that occurs at least twice a … Continue reading Return to Labyrinth