James Schwartz Choice

Poetry Challenge 2013

Here at Leeds Book Club, we’re always looking for new poems and poets…well I say we…me mostly. 

This year, we’ve invited our friends from the blog and tweet sphere to share their favourite poems. 

Hope that you enjoy these!

Twitter: @queeraspoetry
The Window of the Tobacco Shop – C.P. Cavafy
Classic queer poem — so me! Also put LBC interview on my SoundCloud page

* * * * *
The Window of the Tobacco Shop

They stood among many others
close to a lighted tobacco shop window.
Their glances met by chance
and timidly, haltingly expressed
the illicit desire of their bodies.
Then a few uneasy steps along the street
until they smiled, and nodded slightly.

And after that the closed carriage,
the sensitive approach of body to body,
hands linked, lips meeting.


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