LBC is proud to announce…LBC Outlaws!

After her very successful week as Person of Leeds, Sharon (@Pixlz) got in touch about starting a crime based book club. At first I was a little unsure about a book club I wouldn’t actually be obliged to attend but the moment I met her, I knew that the book club was mighty and inevitable! Sharon is a force of nature and her crime/thrillers/books that make you go oooo is going to be amazing!

With regards to LBC, I’m very excited that this is a move towards our little blog becoming a genuine community of readers and book clubbers with a diverse variety of reading tastes. 

Here is a mini-interview with the indomitable lady herself!

LBC Outlaws otherwise known as ‘Books That Make You Go OOOooooo‘ started after Sharon Dale (@Pixlz) had various discussions on twitter about crime dramas and books while looking after the @PeopleofLeeds rotation curation Twitter account at the beginning of May 2013.  

Sharon told LBC “There seemed to be quite a few people who liked the same type of books as I do who might be prepared to show up and talk about them.”  

She went on to say that she wants to discover different books that she would not normally read and that this year she is experimenting with doing new things though she has never before hosted a book club or allow other people choose her reading material (not since her schooldays anyway). 

The book choices will include Crime novels, Thrillers and Mysteries or indeed anything with a great twist – books that make you go OOOoooo!

Venue: Outlaws Yacht Club

Date:  Inagural meeting on 28th of May, thereafter the last Thursday of each month
Time:  6pm for a 6:30 start

The first book is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles which is available from libraries, bookshops and free from the Gutenberg project if you are happy to read it using an electronic device.

The format for the evening will be chat until 18:30, the review of the book including scoring, then selection of future books with everyone putting in a suggestion and the book being picked at random followed by more chat.

The club will be very informal so please feel free to come along and see if it is something you would like to do regularly.

Below is a list of authors and books that have been suggested to us so far.

Sherlock Holmes – Hound of the Baskervilles

Project Gutenberg and Kindle: HERE
DropBox: HERE
i-Book:  HERE

If your friends want to do something awesome, why not suggest that they pick up a copy of ‘How to get things done’, it’s being sold in aid of a fantastic charity called READ International, so please – just this once – don’t share a book for free – ask them to ‘buy a book and change a life’!

Agatha Christie
Ann Rule
James Patterson
Jeffrey Deaver
Michael Connelly
Ian Rankin
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Patricia Cornwell (particularly the Kay Scarpetta series)
Jo Nesbo
Deon Meyer
The Almost Lizard – James Higgerson
Stones Fall – Iain Pears

Elmore Leonard 

Please feel free to add to the list list via Twitter or by coming along to the first meeting on Tuesday 28th May.


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