Guest Post – Evan Shelton meets Michael Morpurgo

LeedsBookClub is delighted to welcome Evan Shelton to our rota of reviewers. 
Evan is 9 years of age and loves reading and other book related things.  
In Evan’s first review for us, he talks about meeting Michael Morpurgo – one of his favourite authors. If you would like me to pass on any messages to Evan, please email or tweet me and I shall pass them along!
Thanks very much Evan – we look forward to reading more reviews from you soon and welcome to the team!
A Medal for Leroy and Michael Morpurgo

The book in question

As an avid Michael Morpurgo reader myself, my collection was not complete without this book.

In the Leeds town hall, which is a beautiful building, as remarked by Michael Morpurgo himself, me and my Mum went to see him speak.

He talked about how he could not come up with magical worlds like J.K Rowling but needs fact to an extent to inspire him.

Then he started talking about Walter Tull, the inspiration for the book, who was an orphan, black man and he was a wizard at football. He was so good that Arsenal signed up for him
but the First World War started and he became a soldier and the first black officer in the British army. He also said the book was about secrets.

On to the book, the way he read a Medal for Leroy was amazing as was the book.

Meeting the author!

During the reading he came up to the point where Leroy, Walter Tull’s Grandson, discovered his secret.

In my opinion, A Medal for Leroy is a fantastic book. I was completely engaged in how they had been banished (I’m not telling who). And also how things were covered up disgracefully
with secrets because they had to hide their own identity and race!

By Evan Shelton
Aged 9 years

Enjoying a good read


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