Your book blog needs you!!

Happy National Poetry Day!*

Already thinking ahead to next year and inspired by todays celebrations online, I thought that it would be fun to invite our friends to join us for a year long poetry project.

I would like you – that’s right, you squirming there – to let me know what your favourite poem is and why. It doesn’t have to be a long explanation – a few words on what about the poem appeals to you will be great!

I shall then post the poem, your thoughts and twitter/blog links as appropriate. Ideally, I’m hoping for one poem a week to go up during 2013 – 52 in total.

Anything and everything will be gratefully received – from the classics, to original compositions. Variety being the spice of life – submissions in languages other than English will be explored with glee!

To participate, email me on with the subject – Poetry Challenge 2013.

Feel free to request a specific week, submit pictures, music, videos or anything else that you can to make your entry pop! We shall facilitate wherever we can!
*World Poetry Day is celebrated on the 21st of March each year.


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