The Laini Challenge – Book 02 – Waiting for Columbus

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The Lainibop Challenge

Waiting for Columbus 
by Thomas Trofimuk

* * * * *
* * * * * SPOILERS * * * * *
* * * * *
A man claiming to be Columbus washes up on the shores of Spain, the only problem is that it is the 21st century and “Columbus” is demanding to speak to Queen Isabella…on the phone. 
He is taken to a psychiatric hospital and is under the care of Nurse Consuela who listens to the stories of his youth and mission to get ships to discover a new route to the East with fascination. 
Clearly this man has a secret but what is it? Meanwhile an Interpol officer is searching for a missing man, and
the two stories appear to be linked.
I quite enjoyed this book, although it moved slowly at times, there was always the mystery in the background waiting to be solved. 
I also enjoyed the tales of Columbus’ adventures and
rendezvous with the Queen. 
Howeve, I found it strange at times that Consuela would begin to fall in love with her patient, especially one who is so clearly out of touch with reality. 
That’s the main problem I found with this, she seemed to have an idealised version of this man, from his fantasy stories, and this bothered me a little. 
Overall it was an interesting read, not too straining on the brain, might be a good holiday read.
Score 6/10

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