Blood-A-Thon Book 5 – Dead As A Doornail


The Southern Vampire Mystery Series Charlaine Harris



Book 5 – The Filler Book
The one where very little actually happens.
Jason becomes a were-panther. Sookie tries to be there for him as much as possible.  He finds it weird, but is coping with it in the main.
Sam gets shot. In fact he’s the third shape shifter in the area to be attacked and it seems as though someone is literally gunning for the shape shifters. Once again, Jason is the prime suspect as he was turned against his will, though this time at least the police aren’t involved.
Sookie is sent by Sam to ask Eric for a favour. He needs a bartender and doesn’t want to risk another shifter. Still frustrated by his lack of memories regarding his time staying with Sookie, Eric agrees but decides that Sam will owe him one. He sends the debonair Charles Twining, a one eyed vampire.
Meanwhile, Bill has started dating again – an uptight upper class and superior woman as different from Sookie as could be. Naturally the ONLY place he ever seems to want to take her is Merlottes. Because he is a giant asshole.
The werewolves are chosing their new leader. Alcide tricks Sookie into attending, mostly so that she can influences the wolves for his father. Though she does ensure that the contest is a fair one, his pop is killed and Sookie is furious that Alcide chooses to use her in this manner. It seems like her relationship with the Streveport weres has soured for the time being.
Sookie is attacked at home, in fact her house is near burned down with her inside. Only the intervention of her fairy godmother saves her from certain destruction.  It seems that a member of the Fellowship of the Sun was responsible.
So there’s an awful lot of blah blah blah but ultimately – the shape shifters are being shot at by a stripper who lost her career after an attack.
Except for Sam. He was shot by Charles Twining who was sent by his master-vampire to destroy Sookie to pay back Eric for an old debt. He knew that Sam (via Sookie) would have to ask Eric for a replacement. He is also responsible for burning down Sookie’s house.
On a totally different front, Tara is now being passed around the vampire set, with the vampires getting more and more violent. Sookie asks Eric to intervene. He agrees but only if Sookie tells him about their time together – though naturally it turns out that he would have had to deal with the nasty vicious vampire at some point regardless. He’s delighted to hear about their sexcapades, pretty indifferent to his part in the murder of Debbie Pelt and pretty horrified to hear that he was willing to give up his power base for Sookie’s love.
A pretty meh offering to be honest. Maybe I was expecting too much after the last book. There is as much toing and froing as ever, but very little in terms of story line progression. A few strangers die, a few new characters pop in and then out again, yet Sookie is left at the end of the book where she was at the beginning.
It’s probably fair to say that this was a bit necessary. I get the impression that there were lots of little set up’s for future books, but all in all, not a stellar read.
Score 3/10

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