Book That Children’s Book Appeal

So today I threw all my toys out of my pram a bit over this article (Guardian Link) from a report from The National Literacy Trust that 3/10 children do not have their own books.

Now I know that there are millions of children that go without a bed every night and I am in no way saying this is more important. But this is something that quite frankly makes me rage.

Because without fail every single time I set up the Travelling Suitcase Library, someone always says “oh I have sooooo many books I mean to donate”.

Really? Well three in ten children DON’T and I’m sorry but that is bollocks.

So in the midst of my Massive Row on twitter about this whole thing, in which I behaved like a petulant child which I’m very sorry for, I was contacted by a primary school teacher working in inner city Birmingham whose children love books, but do not have that much access to them.

I know there are various arguments that unless adults are reading, children won’t. That’s why I always carry a book everywhere I go, read in public at every opportunity and try and get as many people as possible to do the same, only by normalising reading does it become acceptable, only by saying “actually, this is what we do” do you stop the idea that by reading you are somehow missing out on “having a life”.

And how is a child supposed to know if they’re a reader or not if they don’t have the opportunity to explore reading?

SO I’ve got this primary school’s address and will be sending them the books that are age appropriate from the TSL and my shelves.

I think I’ve got about 30, which is pathetic and less that a class full. I can’t afford to this month but next month I shall be hitting the charity shops in an attempt to get that number up. Do YOU have children’s books just lying around waiting to be donated?

If you want to send some, email me bookelfleeds (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll email you the address.

Thanks, and Happy Reading!


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