Blog Along The Fountainhead

In which a self-identifying Marxist Feminist is dared to read Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and blog about it…

So one Bettakultcha, Many Moons ago, a Man Called Simon struck up a conversation with me in which my political views came up. Regular readers will know I’m hardly shy about my opinions and my beliefs are incredibly important to me, and how I see the world.

This man asked me if I’d ever read Ayn Rand. Now, I’ve heard of Rand’s work, especially since the rise of the New Right in America since Obama won. I’ve heard that she has influenced individualism and was very much opposed to any political belief where people help and live for each other, as opposed to just themselves.

As you might have figured out, this ain’t how I go.

It was suggested, by Simon and others (I’m looking at you @Lingmops) that the resulting anger and frothing rage that would result upon me reading Rand’s first best seller, The Foutainhead, would amuse them.

I am not one to shy away from dares, and I am categorically not a Book Snob; if something is recommended to me, I Will Read It. Therefore I accept this challenge. (also, I’ve run out of money and have nothing on this week, so might as well!).

I’ll label each post, and start probably Wednesday, if not before. I ain’t holding back though, but remember this is my opinion of, not an academic response to a book.

If anyone would like to read the book along with me, please do, we can rant together!

Challenge Accepted


One thought on “Blog Along The Fountainhead

  1. For some reason All Along the Watchtower (the version played in Battlestar Galactica – not the Bob Dylan original…unless that was the original but all jazzed up…Hendrix! It might have been Hendrix!! Moving on)

    For some reason All Along the Watchtower has just started running through my head.

    If during the reading of this book, Rand manages to possess you or something – I warn you now – I will take you home and force the Good Life on you until you return!

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