Scarborough Lit Fest

Being a proud Scarborian, I was more than a little chuffed to discover that for the last five years my home town has been hosting a cracking little literature festival.

This year’s line up is to be honest extraordinarily good. When I first looked at the website I let out a small sob of joy at Thursday; Kate Atkinson, Sarah Waters, Sarah Harrison AND Arabella Weir? In one day?????? In my home town library???????

Joanna Trollope and Jodi Picault have unsurprisingly all sold out (though Picault is currently do a mass tour of the North- you can also see her at Cleckheaton Town Hall on the 15th April for two quid! Which is ridiculously good value! but there are plenty of other tasty beats. I’ve bagged myself a all day ticket for the Thursday (for twenty quid. I can emphasise enough how good value that is, especially when you look at the prices Ilkley Lit Fest was charging last Autumn), and am very much looking forward to smelling the salt in the air once again. A morning of Kate Atkinson and Sarah Waters, lunch at the Harbour Bar, then Sarah Harrison, Arabella Weir and Steig Larsson’s biographer in the afternoon? Oh yes. That’ll do, Elf, that’ll do.

Click on the title link for the festivals website, with details of numbers to ring for ticket information (no online booking but the friendliest voice in the world on the other end of the phone-you know it’s Scarborough when…)

Happy reading!


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