Young Fagin….

Recent times have seen a dearth of literary re-workings, from Charlie Higson’s excellent Young Bond series (if you’ve got a 13 year old spy-addict who hasn’t read Silverfin yet then get on it!) to this week’s revelation that Jennifer Garner shall be playing a young lithe (American?) Miss Marple.

No matter what you think of these re-workings, one cannot deride their popularity, and how they bring more people into discovering old classics.

This is why I was really pleased this morning to find in my inbox the announcement for a new and exciting series of books focussing on the early life of Fagin, of Oliver Twist fame.

Focussing on Fagin’s early days as a immigrant escaping the pogroms of Eastern Europe, and how he became one of the most respected fencers in Victorian London, the books, written for a 9-12 audience, have already had the rights sold to the BBC, and have been raved about by early reviewers.

Fagin’s early life should make fascinating reading, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! For more information on the series, and to find out about auditioning for a part in the BBC adaptation, click on this post’s title link.


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