BookElf Reads 2012

In the tradition of the last few years... Not PUBLISHED this year, READ this year, savvy? Oh God this list has caused me some heartache! What a cracking year for reading this has been for me! I know that the LeedsBookClub itself has had some wonderful discoveries over the past twelve months, but these are … Continue reading BookElf Reads 2012


WBN 2013-The Books BookElf’s Verdict

Once again, World Book Night managed to send me my 'apply to be a giver!' email a whole days after I had already done so, but apart from that this year I'd like to say BLOODY WELL DONE. From a reading for pleasure promoter's (working on the job title...) point of view this is a … Continue reading WBN 2013-The Books BookElf’s Verdict

BookElf Reads 2011

In the tradition of the last two years... Not published this year, just read this year, savvy? Discovery of the Year Ayn Rand/Mary Gaitskill (The Fountainhead/Two Girls, Fat and Thin) What may initially appear to be an odd choice, seeing as this is also the year I've discovered so many amazing books that haven't made … Continue reading BookElf Reads 2011

BookElf Reads 2010

In the Great Tradition of last year... Not published this year, just read this year, savvy? Discovery of the Year Jane Smiley- A Thousand Acres, The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton. I got A Thousand Acres, a Pulitzer winning re-telling of the King Lear story, from a book swap and I don't think … Continue reading BookElf Reads 2010

Almost Gold-Star Books

You know sometimes you start a book and you think, yes, this is it, this is me for the next week happy as larry because I am going to be wrapped in fairy cotton bliss wool niceness that getting really immersed in a fictional world does to you. Then you get about 150 pages in … Continue reading Almost Gold-Star Books

BookElf’s Top Reads Ever (so far…)

It's the evening shift and I'm on my own. The shelves are neat, and shelving done. The New Book List is updated, the gate count inserted onto the spreadsheet. The students are happily tapping away, and all I have to do is relax and decide once and for all my Top Reads which I would … Continue reading BookElf’s Top Reads Ever (so far…)

BookElf Reads 2009

Finally found the scrap of paper I wrote all this on at 2 o'clock in the morning on New Years Eve (if that is not tooooo much of an oxymoron).Not published this year, just read this year, savvy? Discovery of the Year John Irving - The Cider House Rules, A Prayer for Owen Meany Why … Continue reading BookElf Reads 2009