The Chester Beatty Library

In the heart of Dublin, situated in the gardens of Dublin Castle, a treat for all book lovers awaits.  A library, rare book collection, museum and art gallery in one; this much lauded library offers treasures from all around the world for free. (Though the signposting is a bit feeble and you need to know … Continue reading The Chester Beatty Library


British Library goes Google!

Google (specifically Google Books) has been joining forces with libraries around the world to digitise documents from the past, then making them available to the internet trawling public free of charge! At the moment, approximately 40 libraries have agreed to take part. While that's exciting in and of itself - I'm particularly thrilled to hear about the most recently announced member of … Continue reading British Library goes Google!

E-Books, Free books and audiobooks. Oh My!

(Last week, a friend of mine confessed that she had no idea where to find a good selection for her eReader. I've done a little digging and these are my favourites) So, you betrayed your principles, the printed page and all that is good in the world and acquired an eReader.* You've tinkered with the settings, … Continue reading E-Books, Free books and audiobooks. Oh My!

Oh the suffragette and the librarian can be friends…

This is a response to something I read on a blog (linked in title-warning it is a link to a political party blog, this is no way infers my support for that political party I just saw it on twitter) quoting ANOTHER blog (though the linked article was a response against that blog) comparing the … Continue reading Oh the suffragette and the librarian can be friends…

BookElf’s piece on the Leeds Guardian … with photo!

Leeds Central Library protest: Defending people's right to learnIn the region of 50 people held a sit-down protest in Leeds Central Library against council plans to close up to 20 libraries in Leeds. Guest blogger Jess Haigh was one of them. Here's her take on the day of protest Protester Jess Haigh takes part in … Continue reading BookElf’s piece on the Leeds Guardian … with photo!


Want to save libraries but live online? Never fear! You too can be part of Save Libraries Day, tomorrow on the 5th of February. Despite what the BBC Breakfast might think, library statistics are more than just counting foot-fall. Most library services provide online catalogues that are quite simple to use. You can search for, … Continue reading #savelibraries

Why Libraries in Leeds are so important.

Ahem, as featured on today's Guardian Leeds "Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere..." - Jean Rhys For longer than I can remember, I have loved books. Not necessarily stories, but always books. I think that my favourites are old, original … Continue reading Why Libraries in Leeds are so important.

Borrowed Books

Never lend books, for no one ever returns them; the only books I have in my library are books that other people have lent me. - Anatole France One of the best things about being friends with other book lovers, is that you invariably start to swap (diversion - it pains me that swap is … Continue reading Borrowed Books