Want to save libraries but live online?
Never fear! You too can be part of Save Libraries Day, tomorrow on the 5th of February.

Despite what the BBC Breakfast might think, library statistics are more than just counting foot-fall. Most library services provide online catalogues that are quite simple to use. You can search for, and reserve items on most, renew any overdue books (naughty) and access any other services your library has to offer.

Here are links to the library services in Yorkshire. Please, add more in the comments. Together, by showing their value and exploiting the fabulous services the public libraries offer, we *can* Save Libraries!

Leeds Library Catalogue
http://prism.talis.com/leeds/ (includes info on the Mobile Library service)

Bradford Library Catalogue
http://prism.talis.com/bradford/index.php (wonderful library service that I use a lot in Keighley, got me Ghost Hunter in less that two days *and* sent me a free text telling me in was available)

Wakefield Library Catalogue
http://libraries.wakefield.gov.uk/ Got our book club members White Woman on the Green Bicycle, for free, when she was otherwise going to spend money.

Kirklees Library Homepage
http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/community/libraries/library-menu.asp (winner of the Libraries Change Lives award, the services Kirklees offer to its community is outstanding and inspirational)

North Yorkshire Libraries Catalogue
http://www.northyorks.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3145 (my home town, Scarborough, has one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen and was a refuge in my youth. The children’s room alone is worth every penny I pay in Council tax)

East Riding Library Catalogue
https://library.eastriding.gov.uk/ (includes readers guides to fiction authors)

Sheffield Library Catalogue
http://library.sheffield.gov.uk/uhtbin/webcat (Nick Clegg’s home town, doesn’t make it any less vulnerable to cuts)

Doncaster Library Catalogue
http://library.doncaster.gov.uk/web/arena (includes information about author talks, and various other services)

Any more? Please leave them in the comments…

Thank you,

BookElf xxx


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