Books! we need your unwanted books!!!!

For  World Book  Night we not only want to give away the books of the chosen ones but also any that you have and no longer want. The mission of me Helen - @isfromupnorth is to get everyone reading and enjoying it and to always be on the look out for familiar or new reads. … Continue reading Books! we need your unwanted books!!!!


World Book Night 2015 @whiteswanleeds with @isfromupnorth

It's nearly here! Well, a month away, but planning has begun! If anyone had any books they would like to give away on the night bring them along, If you want to donate contact me on twitter @isfromupnorth or Niamh at @leedsbookclub. The event will be held at the White Swan Leeds and this year … Continue reading World Book Night 2015 @whiteswanleeds with @isfromupnorth

Worldbooknight 2014 at the White Swan

 World Book night is a very special night....... 'World Book Night is an annual celebration of reading and books which takes place on 23 April. It sees passionate volunteers give hundreds of thousands of books away in their communities to share their love of reading with people who, for whatever reason, don’t read for pleasure or … Continue reading Worldbooknight 2014 at the White Swan

World Book Night 2014

Poster made by the fantastic Amy of

World Book Night Prizes!

Leeds Book Club is thrilled to announce the following prizes for our World Book Night extravaganza! Waterstones have very kindly provided us with vouchers - perfect for book lovers and emerging readers alike. The Leeds branch is choka-full of enthusiastic staff members who will help you find the ideal treat! Say hi @WaterstoneLeeds Our friends at … Continue reading World Book Night Prizes!

World Book Night 2013 – Our events!

On Tuesday the 23rd of April, we are going to be celebrating World Book Night. We'd love to invite you to attend the following: Leeds Book Club (and Maths Jam) at the White Swan - City Centre FB                                                                     Leeds Inspired                                              Book swap - 7pm                                              Epic Book Based Quiz - 9pm The rather spectacular @Gazpachodragon will be hosting … Continue reading World Book Night 2013 – Our events!

WBN 2013-The Books BookElf’s Verdict

Once again, World Book Night managed to send me my 'apply to be a giver!' email a whole days after I had already done so, but apart from that this year I'd like to say BLOODY WELL DONE. From a reading for pleasure promoter's (working on the job title...) point of view this is a … Continue reading WBN 2013-The Books BookElf’s Verdict