2 minute review – Jennifer Johnston - The Invisible Worm

Recently, I went away for a weeks holiday. For the first time in years, I didn't bring anything to read with me. I've been in the midst of a reading funk for such a long time now, I'm starting to disbelieve that I ever read for pleasure! In the last few months, I've seen it … Continue reading 2 minute review – Jennifer Johnston - The Invisible Worm


In Praise of – Children Reading

A Lament There have been many times that I have been embarrassed to be caught with a book. Like when I've wandered away at a party and became absorbed in something that I found. Or when I'd navigate school hallways eyes firmly stuck on the page, heedless of people jumping out of my way. As a … Continue reading In Praise of – Children Reading

Further Praise of L. M. Montgomery

Because I just don't think my praise for Lucy M Montgomery went far enough - I bring you...more books by the same author that I'm planning on reading in the very soon! Once I'd started on the first series of Anne of Green Gables, I found I just couldn't stop. I've decided to indulge in … Continue reading Further Praise of L. M. Montgomery

In Praise Of: Anne of Ingleside, Prince Edward Island

If you'd like to join my read read of the Green Gables Series, find as many free versions as I could find below!     Part Two - The Ingleside Years   Anne's all grown up now and raising a family of her own. Though she is a good sixty miles from home, she has … Continue reading In Praise Of: Anne of Ingleside, Prince Edward Island

In Praise Of: Anne of Green Gables, Avonlea, Prince Edward Island

  Some of you will remember that I rather aggressively stated my resolve to stay away from book series this year.  Too little time...too many book club books to keep up to date with...and now...too little willpower.   I have a really good reason though. Honest!   As most of you probably know, I read … Continue reading In Praise Of: Anne of Green Gables, Avonlea, Prince Edward Island

In Praise Of…Jean Webster

I'm borrowing one of t'Elf's headers here and celebrating the life and works of Jean Webster. Alice Jane Chandler Webster (1874-1916) was an American author, specialising in young female protagonists with lively spirits,  kind hearts and a burning desire to change the world! The author came from a strongly matriarchal background, raised by her mother, … Continue reading In Praise Of…Jean Webster

We’re blushing…Feel free to continue…

LeedsBookClub has been mentioned THREE times on the blogsphere this week! Feeling all sorts of special and loved! Just in case you missed it please have a look at the following!! LBC Member @WoodsieGirl blogs about her Reading Resolutions here!! While fellow member @Wandapops interviewed me here!! Finally, future(?) member @CultureLeeds plans her twelve for … Continue reading We’re blushing…Feel free to continue…

BookElf Reads 2011

In the tradition of the last two years... Not published this year, just read this year, savvy? Discovery of the Year Ayn Rand/Mary Gaitskill (The Fountainhead/Two Girls, Fat and Thin) What may initially appear to be an odd choice, seeing as this is also the year I've discovered so many amazing books that haven't made … Continue reading BookElf Reads 2011

In praise of… Sarah Waters

This is a piece I've wanted to write for *ages*, but having not finished all her books I always felt it would be wrong to. Now I have, so I can. Hooray! I loved Tipping the Velvet. Loved it. Every single sentance was like a petal falling off a rose. The evolution of Nan, one … Continue reading In praise of… Sarah Waters

In Praise of…Robin Jarvis

Sometimes, when browsing my local crack den, I mean second hand bookshop, certain books just reach out and grab me. ‘Buy me’, they cry helplessly as my fingers caress the unbroken spine (how? How do you do this? Seriously I have been reading paperbacks with spines for about twenty years now and have never managed … Continue reading In Praise of…Robin Jarvis