Once a dancer…

Danielle shared this with me tonight and it’s so beautiful and loving and hopeful, despite everything. This is such a fantastic thing to see and …Once a dancer… Blogged this as my other self, but it’s too lovely not to share here.

2020 – LBC Horsforth Scorecard

Here are the books that we have read/are reading for 2020. I can't speak for the others but I'm a little surprised to see that the Overstory was *this* year. Actually pretty much all of the first three months feel like a lifetime ago! 15-01 - The Overstory - Richard Powers - 612-02 My sister, … Continue reading 2020 – LBC Horsforth Scorecard


2020 – LBC White Swan Scorecard

Here are the books that we have read/are reading for 2020. What a strange year! 19-01 - The Girl Who Could Move S*t With Her Mind - Jackson Ford - 2.509-02 Melmouth - Sarah Perry - 608-03 Three Hours - Rosamund Lipton - 719-04 The Miniaturist - Jessie Burton - 517-05* The invisible life of … Continue reading 2020 – LBC White Swan Scorecard

2020 – LBC 3 Reads Scorecard

Our first book wasn’t technically part of the ‘theme’ but nevermind! We’ve agreed that the 2021 theme will be Comfort Reads of some descriptions, so already looking forward to that! Our scores are as follows: Plainsong - Kent Haruf - 6The Lady Vanishes - Ethel Lina White - 8.5And then there were none - Agatha … Continue reading 2020 – LBC 3 Reads Scorecard

POEM – The Stare’s Nest by My Window – WB Yeats

The bees build in the crevicesOf loosening masonry, and thereThe mother birds bring grubs and flies.My wall is loosening; honey-bees,Come build in the empty house of the stare. We are closed in, and the key is turnedOn our uncertainty; somewhereA man is killed, or a house burned.Yet no clear fact to be discerned:Come build in … Continue reading POEM – The Stare’s Nest by My Window – WB Yeats

It’s HalloweeeeeeeeNNNN!

In 1995, Seamus Heaney won the Nobel Prize for Literature. As a tribute, Michael Holohan set the poem ‘No Sanctuary’ from A Northern Hoard 4to music - performed here by The Lindsay Singers. https://youtu.be/JqZS7TI1C28 It’s my perfect Halloween song. It's Hallowe'en. The turnip-man’s lopped headBlazes at us through split bottle glassAnd fumes and swims up … Continue reading It’s HalloweeeeeeeeNNNN!

Leeds – Laser Light City

Leeds is a city that loves to shine. For the past 16 years, for two nights in October - just as the long dark settles upon us - Leeds has celebrated Art in the Dark. Spirit Owl - Graham Fotherby 2019 Indoor and outdoor locations across the city are opened up and transformed. Artworks, installations, … Continue reading Leeds – Laser Light City

The Trussell Trust

You been watching the news? Northern tiers. Maybe don’t. The inconsistencies will make your eyes water. Or weep. I’ve had to turn it off (then ruined…The Trussell Trust

Satisfying Sunday

Tonight I’m finishing off the fellowship of the ring. It’s just such a perfect trilogy (aside from the lack of women and …you know every other aspect…Satisfying Sunday I met a book clubber! 😍😍😍

Bookclub, Buddies and Brooding

On Thursday, when chatting with a bestie during our reading night, I was so smug that I was 2 books ahead for two of my book clubs. I could read …Bookclub, Buddies and Brooding I blogged about book club on today’s post from the other me.