LeedsBoookClub Christmas Do!

Yippee! It’s that time of the year! 

Am busy organising the @LeedsBookClub Christmas do for December and feeling incredibly excited to see everyone in person again!

Since March 2020, there have now been a total of 75 book clubs via zoom; 1 Christmas meet up face to face and 3 in person book clubs.

So meeting up and having some fun seems essential! 

To add to the fun, thus year we’ll be also doing a festive book swap!

The plan is this:

  • locate a second hand/preloved book that you reckon a book clubber might love.
  • wrap it up.
  • indicate on the wrapping (or gift tag if you’re fancy) the genre of book.
  • bring it along.

Once together we’ll figure out a way that everyone gets a free book (and people y’all can swap it with if not to ones preference).

And then we’ll eat.


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