Narnian Book Nook

For my birthday, D got me homework*. Crafting homework, no less!

Now I’ve been in a bit of a crafting slump these last five years, so I was a touch apprehensive I’d never build it. But then S came to visit. 

S has not yet met a craft that doesn’t catch her interest. And she’s really good! 

One of her recents. 

And she always has something on the go. After 6 hours in hobby and craft stores, she had me won over. I was going in. 

First came the painting. I didn’t think the light unstained wood would properly reflect the age and grandeur of the Narnian origin apple tree that this cupboard was built out of. So I went for a redwood stain that was messy, sticky and took ages to dry. 

The painting process wasn’t pretty. 

Then came the build. Thank heavens S was still about for I’d have glued it upside down, left to my own devices. 

So, once it was dry, I needed to accessorise. And I’m not done yet! 

There were a few trees, the all important lantern and snow provided on the pack. 

The rest was mine or binge purchased (craft shops are a little bit more ish). 

(To be clear, she actually gifted me loads of beautiful, thoughtful and amazing presents. This was the only one that required assembly – hence why it has taken so long!) 

Look at the glory that is my Narnian scene! 

The wardrobe door 

And inside…


Thank you D (and S!)


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