PERFECT POEM for the first day back at work

After a wonderful weeks holiday, today I landed back into my ‘real life’ with a thud. 

Thankfully, the perfect poem crossed my path via Twitter. 

To Do List by Brian Bilston 

delay; defer; equivocate
make some tea; procrastinate
look at Twitter; stroke the cat
readjust the thermostat

dawdle; dither; hem and haw
fill the kettle; chew my jaw
write nine words; spin on chair
play six games of solitaire

observe the merry, dappled light
dancing on the page of white
review my words; paper scrunch
stroke the cat; break for lunch

prioritise new tasks to shirk
ponder changing world of work
look at Twitter; spin on chair
make a brew; loiter; stare

check out latest cricket score
reorganise the kitchen drawer
write nine words; cross six out
stroke the cat; stoke self-doubt

make tea; stroke cat; cricket; stare
Twitter; chair-spin; solitaire
stroke tea; make cat; twicket; wallow
write To Do list for tomorrow


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