Our June Reads

Here are this months reads 🙂

For LBC Horsforth – Mindf*ck by Christopher Wylie

  • 9th June
  • Zoom call
  • 7:30pm

For LBC White Swan – Boy Parts by Eliza Clark

  • 13th June
  • Zoom call
  • 6:00pm (not 6:30pm – an error I made last month resulting in my being 15 minutes late to my own book club :D)

Mindf*ck Blurb

What if you could peer into the minds of an entire population?

What if you could target the weakest with rumours that only they saw?

In 2016, an obscure British military contractor turned the world upside down. Funded by a billionaire on a crusade to start his own far-right insurgency, Cambridge Analytica combined psychological research with private Facebook data to make an invisible weapon with the power to change what voters perceived as real.

The firm was created to launch the then unknown Steve Bannon’s ideological assault on America. But as it honed its dark arts in elections from Trinidad to Nigeria, 24-year-old research director Christopher Wylie began to see what he and his colleagues were unleashing. He had heard the disturbing visions of the investors. He saw what CEO Alexander Nix did behind closed doors. When Britain shocked the world by voting to leave the EU, Wylie realised it was time to expose his old associates.

The political crime of the century had just taken place – the weapon had been tested – and nobody knew.

Boy Parts – Blurb

Irina obsessively takes explicit photographs of the average-looking men she persuades to model for her, scouted from the streets of Newcastle.

Placed on sabbatical from her dead-end bar job, she is offered an exhibition at a fashionable London gallery, promising to revive her career in the art world and offering an escape from her rut of drugs, alcohol, and extreme cinema.

The news triggers a self-destructive tailspin, centred around Irina’s relationship with her obsessive best-friend, and a shy young man from her local supermarket who has attracted her attention… 


2 thoughts on “Our June Reads

    • Hello Anna, you’d be very welcome to join us!

      Our next books are:
      11-07 Last one at the party – Bethany Clift
      08-08 Shuggie Bain – Douglas Stuart

      We’ll be meeting via zoom for July, potentially meeting up in person for August, depending on the ‘all this’ that we’re living through.

      Regarding joining, just drop me an email (LeedsBookClub @ gmail.com) or drop me a tweet to get the zoom link. We’d love to meet you as a fellow reader, even if you didn’t read the book!

      Cheers for contacting us,

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