Solidarity with the NHS

This time a year ago, almost to the day, my family were urging me to stay at home. Thankfully, my workplace agreed and my lockdown began on the 16th of March. The U.K. govt followed a week later, on the 23rd.

Between March snd December of last year, it is estimated that 850 healthcare workers have died from Covid.

These incredible, selfless people got up every day and went to work in hell. Some never made it home again. Honestly, I can’t process that level of dedication. Of determination. Of service.

I believe these workers deserve more than a pay cut. Also, I don’t believe that clapping outside my doorway will make any difference whatsoever – in order for that to work, our governing party would have to be capable of shame. They are not.

So I’ll be writing to my MP and to anyone else I can think of. All suggestions appreciated.


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