#AlsoReading – How to be a liberal by Ian Dunt

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams in incredibly well written and breaking my heart so I’ve decided only to read that in daylight hours.

In the evenings, anticipating a third lockdown, I’ve headed back to non-fiction and started How to be a Liberal by Ian Dunt – one of my essential Twitter accounts follows during parliamentary business.

From Brexit Britain to Trump’s America to Orban’s Hungary, liberalism is under attack. In a soaring narrative that stretches from the English Civil War to the French Revolution to the 2008 financial crash and the rise of populism, Ian Dunt tells the epic story of the rise of liberal thought.

At its heart, How To Be A Liberal explains the ideas that underpin the modern world. But it is more than that: amid resurgent nationalism, it is a rallying cry for those who still believe in freedom and reason.


So far – I’m only three chapters in – I’m finding it to be fascinating! so many links I’d never have seen!


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