PLUG – Insane Animals – Cast Recording

In February this year (only 6 months ago but the Before Times seem a long way away now), I travelled down to HOME in Manchester to watch a time travelling genera bending musical/play.

Our alien entertainers

And what a play it was! (My immediate reactions are HERE)

Based on the Epic of Gilgamesh – one of our earliest recorded poems (approx 2100BC) – and the modern Transhumanism movement – this is a musical with a message.

And who better to deliver that message than George Bourgeois and Maurice Maurice – two aliens from a planet you won’t have heard of (but it’s new and cool and edgy).

Here’s a demo video of one of the opending tracks from the show, to whet your appetite – Welcome to today!

They have a Kickstarter up this week – HERE – and are halfway to their goal already! Hurray!

Here are Liv and George – the creators – making their pitch!

Did I mention that I’m a bit obsessed?

And here’s a Lockdown Pride 2020 version of their touching and tender ballad classic “Gay For You”, also from Insane Animals.

Do check out the Kickstarter page! If you can’t pledge, no worries, I hope it brings a smile.

(But if it doesn’t make it’s total, I’ll be resigned to the fella singing the line ‘what’s my name-ia Mesopotamia?’ over and over again, without ever hearing the next verse!!)


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