Book Club is still Book Club

It’s been such a relief in the last few weeks to discover that book club remains book club – in spite of the lock down.

The #LBCHorsforth discussion of Normal People by Sally Rooney on twitter was a huge success – 17 people contributing in all, across twitter, whatsapp and email.

Yesterday the small #LBC3Reads crew made the whole zoom experience look easy and we all ended up in floods of tears – we were laughing so hard.

And tonight #LBCWSwan – well, it did what it does best. Every time a new person joined in, I inadvertently ended the meeting and had to restart the whole thing. At one point there were 3 conversations at once (which is not at all easy to do over zoom). We had our usual strange and startling wanderings off topic, though tonight was particularly special as we were hijacked by a cat named Harold (beautiful beast). 

LBC W Swan


And we laughed.

And commiserated with one another.

And shared our fears and moans and joys during the past few weeks.

I’m incredibly grateful tonight to feeling so connected to you, you wonderful, fantastic bunch of weirdos – my people – thank you for being my friends 🙂


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