Christmas Reading Challenge – 06 – Christmas Magic – Nora Roberts

Delighted and excited to announce that @BookElfLeeds has a brand new reading challenge!

Jess had decided to seek out the Christmas Spirit in contemporary fiction. And like all good reading challenges; there’s a strict criteria to be followed. 

  1. The book must have Christmas in the title. 
  2. Some one has lost the Christmas Spirit.
  3. A Christmas Miracle will therefore have to occur.
  4. Some one will then regain the Christmas Spirit.

So please, make yourself comfy and enjoy the 6th review!

Who has lost the Christmas Spirit?

Sexy Single Dad Mac Taylor

In what form does the Christmas Miracle appear?

His gorgeously mischievous sons Zeke and Zach (his dog is called Zark, dude’s got a problem).

This is another short novella that is part of a collection; All I Want For Christmas is a Christmas story, whereas The Magic Moment isn’t (and people on Goodreads are VERY angry about this), so I’ve only read All I Want For Christmas out of this book.

Zeke and Zach, worried about starting a new school, and deciding their dad needs a woman in his life, write to Santa asking for “the mom”, who should have yellow hair, like dogs, and bake cookies. Fortunately this is the year that former city girl Nell has started at the small town high school as music teacher. She’s attractive and nice, a hit with the kids, and has a habit of running out of gas directly outside the Taylor’s home…

Predictable but definitely escapist, this is such a tropey example of this genre you could play Christmas Miracle Book Bingo with it. It’s also a bit saucier that the others I’ve read in places! The kids are cute, and I loved the 90s fashions (velvet jackets and large statement jewelry especially), but it was a bit twee to give any proper fuzzies to be honest.

Listen to @BookElfLeeds and I introduce the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge – HERE 

Or just click here!

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