LBCPuffins 2016

I know it’s only September but I just wanLBC Puffins Logot to say a big thank you to everyone who gets involved with LBC Puffins.  As a group we enter our third year in 2016 and I just wanted to plant some ideas in people’s heads. I have found it so hard trying to remember what I read as a child, that I realised a few books come from tv series we used to watch, such as ‘the demon headmaster’ or ‘the borrowers’. There’s also been no Roald Dahl in and I’ve noticed no Enid Blyton.   So I’ve looked for inspiration and if there are books where we can only get a single copy then so be it, lets do a book swap and see what gems we can find.


One thought on “LBCPuffins 2016

  1. Anything Goosebumps, Percy the park keeper, Biff Chip and Kipper, Pebble’s best friend, The Princess and the Pea, Jacqueline Wilson….

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