World Book Night 2015

Jess Haigh

World Book Night is now in its fourth year and 2015 bring’s its possibly most eclectic collection yet. As well as some popular genre fiction such as Lynda La Plante’s Prime Suspect, and Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice there is some cracking YA: some of the more popular Quick Reads: one of the most famous products of NaNoWriMo, Water for Elephants: SciFi scare fest The Martian and tales of real life hardship from around the world. And much much more. This year also includes it’s first poetry collection, Essential Poems from the Staying Alive Collection, which will be a lovely way of introducing people to reading. Dissapointingly no graphic novels-as I believe having Judge Dredd on the list back in 2013 was one of WBN’s bigger successes, but a great list all the same.

This year I’ll be once again helping the Big Bookend give away books to students at Leeds…

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