All good things…

thank you

It’s hard to believe that Leeds Book Club has been going for over 4 years now.

We started off small, earnest and enthused and it was in Arcadia Bar in Headingley that we found our Mothership.


This month will be our last meeting at Arcadia for the time being. As time moves on, people have left the area, the book club focus has shifted more towards the city centre and north west and…well…it’s been 4 years.

Time to let a new lot take over our spot upstairs.

For the moment anyway.


Our book choice is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

We will meet on Sunday the 21st of September at 5:30pm as usual, have our normal book conversation and then, from about 6:30pm


Everyone who has even the most obscure link to LBC is invited. Ideally, we’ll have a massive, messy and amazing send off!!


I can’t thank the staff and regulars enough.

Throughout the years they have been consistently welcoming, friendly and interested in our book choices (something an avid reader knows is a rare and precious kindness). Whatever the future brings, Arcadia will always be our first and beloved home and I look forward to one day re-colonising our corner upstairs!




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