People of bookclub we need your help please vote now!

As Chief Puffin, I have offered to help update things and keep people informed.  Niamh is the one you need to email tweet, any questions or reviews need to be emailed to her and then she can filter them to me. I’m just the technician


Right guys, to the reason of this post, I’m having a few personal issues and as Silver Sword is one of my favourite books I want the meeting to be the best ever and I’ve seen certain book clubs have started to clash. I also want to restart White Swan as a monthly after the next meeting and wondered what people thought.

However what  I need from you guys is help,  please can I have dates and books for LBCOutlaws, Medusa LBCGiraffe and let me know what you think to Puffins being moved to the third Tuesday of the month along with restarting white swan monthly on the third or last Sunday of the month. I’ve tried adding a mini poll at the end for people to vote. and if you want to discuss in detail my email is

Also before I forget, we will need choices for white swan and also at least 3 choices for Puffins at our next meeting


Scan0022 Scan0023

Also has anyone got any outstanding reviews that Niamh hasn’t got, So I can get them saved ready for Niamh to do her magic and add quirky things



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