Logo-ing Mad!

Otherwise known as

Your task…should you choose to accept it…

It actually all began a few years ago when the amazing Amy of Tiger Tea Illustration drew up an amazing poster for the LBC White Swan World Book Night event.

It’s a swan. With a book. And a HAT!!!


All the awesome!

I was so impressed – it captures our book club ‘feel’ so well and I have no skills whatsoever in this area so to me…Amy is basically a magic person.


Then yesterday, our own equally amazing Helen (@isfromupnorth, Hello from Me to You) created a new logo for her LBC club – LBC Puffins (that’s the one where adults read children’s books).

As you can see, it’s turned out pretty bloody marvelously.

LBC Puffins Logo

And look at how happy the Puffin is to be reading?!? And again, I’m just spun out by how many talented people are out and about in Leeds.

Once she had shared it with all of us, a con-buddy of mine – Roel – all round awesome human being, gamer, animal lover and technical guru (not technically even a little bit from Leeds, but we can hardly hold that against him. The Irish woman decrees.) –  jumped in and made a few tweaks (read the whole story here) and now I’m so impressed, I can’t stop bouncing!

Rather than just be grateful (not my style at all), I’ve immediately started wondering what other logo’s I can demand suggest, particularly along an animal/bird theme.

Naturally LBC Giraffe (our dystopian book club) jumped to mind. I’ve begged our digital creatives to have a crack and can’t WAIT to see what they come up with!

However, that leaves plenty of other book clubs that will be all lonely and sad and miserable to find themselves logo-less.

If you fancy having a crack at coming up with something for any of the book clubs below, we’d LOVE to see it! And you shall be thanked in booze or buns…or books, I guess, if your tastes lie *that* way! You can contact me @LeedsBookClub or via facebook or email LeedsBookClub at gmail.com

LBC Arcadia

LBC Medusa

LBC Outlaws

LBC 3 Reads

And if anyone just wants to make my month complete – I absolutely love Owls – the symbol for Leeds and would go absolutely delirious if someone were to do a ‘general’ LBC logo with one.


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