The Doubleclicks – Nothing to Prove

I apologise now to anyone kind enough to follow more than one of my blogs. This is going to be a cross-post.

It’s just BRILLIANT and I’m actually a little emotional after reading many of the placards. 

For such a long time I would refuse to call myself a geek (aside from the whole ‘do I really need to put a label on this?’) because I felt that I hadn’t anything like the knowledge base to justify the title. 

It was meeting people like @SteveCult, @BookElfLeeds @Cidergirli, @LYOC8, our awesome Browncoats captian and the team at @OKComics that demonstrated that ‘Geek’ isn’t a closed garden, a preserve of tech wizards – rather it’s anything that makes you passionate, inspires you and teaches you outside of the mainstream. 

Fortunately, I’ve never encountered any gender based bias so I would have been just as happy to have an equal gender mix of geeks represented in the video. 
The cons that I attend are usually fairly evenly split and the guys that attend aren’t dicks so it’s never been an issue for me personally, ditto with my book clubs and certainly within the Whedon fandom, equality and inclusion tends to be a given.  
But from the reports coming out of certain sections of the gaming community and fandom as a whole in the US, I appreciate the need for this song and the wonderful representation it provides. 

Anyway, sorry this is a bit long. And possible lacking in coherency. I’m just in the midst of having all the *feels* right now. 

Must be a chick thing right? 😉  


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