Interview with Mark Catley

Leeds Book Club is thrilled to be joined by Mark Catley – a scriptwriter for TV (such as Casualty, Eastenders and a Call the Midwife episode here and there) and the stage (Angus Thongs and Scuffer). 

We discuss his upcoming production at the West Yorkshire Playhouse of Sherlock Holmes – Best Kept Secret (squee!); his love for Conan Doyle and the challenge of creating a new story for illustrious pre-existing characters. From there we also chat about the differences between writing for TV versus the Stage; his writing approaches and the cultural landscape of Leeds. 

So far so intellectual right?
We might have also had a mini-geek out over Joss Whedon and Buffy. And Doctor Horrible. 
It’s kinda awesome. *ahem*
Anyhoo – to the Podcast mobile!
There are no spoilers for anything that isn’t old enough for us to no longer feel even a scrap of guilt about it and very minimal language warnings. 

Say hi to Mark on twitter here @DukeOfBeeston

Sherlock Holmes – Best Kept Secret will open on the 18th of May and run until the 8th of June.  

To listen from a mobile device, please click HERE



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