LBCPuffins – What? Another book club?

Ladies and Gentlepeeps, LeedsBookClub is somewhat bewildered to be finding itself announcing the launch of a new Book Club*. 

LBC Puffins

The second of our themed clubs, this is a book club strictly for the young at heart – no true grown ups will be allowed anywhere near us. 

We shall be meeting every two months (oh who am I kidding, we invariably end up meeting more frequently than that!) in a fabulous local – Outlaws – to discuss children’s books.

Because why should children get all the fun! 

Venue: Outlaws Yacht Club
Date:  Wednesday, 20th of February 2013
Time:  6pm
Address: 38 New York Street, LS2 YDY

We haven’t chosen a book yet – options will go up in a post or two, with you lot the deciding votes!

What’s more, I have it on good authority that the write up’s will be rotated between group members and will contain music, cartoons, emoticons and more colours than you ever thought possible. 

*This time, it really isn’t my fault. 
My arm is still twisted halfway around my body. There was begging, pleading, tears…it was a kindness to say yes. Seriously.  
I’m just so easily led you know. 

To find other members of the club, search on twitter for #LBCPuffins
And don’t hesitate to contact Outlaws on @OutlawYachtClub
Let me know your thoughts by either tweeting me @LeedsBookClub, commenting below or emailing me at

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