Huge Thanks

This year has been a roller coaster for Leeds Book Club and me personally.
I’d like to take a moment to thank a few people who’ve gone above and beyond in their support, help and/or friendship.
Naturally, I know that the moment I post this, I’ll instantly think of 10 people I should have included as is always the way with these things! Apologies in advance if you are excluded on the page – I’m ever so grateful in my heart *bats eye lids*.

First and foremost, I have to give huge props to my two partners in crime @Gazpachodragon (aka Booky O’Hare or the Kirstlicious one) and Book Elf Leeds. Without you, I’m sure I’d have crumbled into little dusty pieces months ago!
T’Elf, longtime blogger at the Travelling Suitcase Library has recently created her own personal blog HERE where you can keep up with her adventures and book reviews!
All of my Guest Stars are absolute superstars. To share their time and voices isn’t always an easy task – we’re all delighted to have fresh perspectives on different things. Huzzah for y’all!

Though each person has been spectacularly awesome, I shall single out (and possibly embarrass) @WoodsieGirl who powered through the Man Booker Shortlist like a trooper for us! Massive props!

Ditto to those actors and authors that have been gracious enough to allow us an interview! Looking forward to hearing an update from y’all soon!
Singled out for particular praise must be Chris Nickson who has been so generous with our little book club – providing us with exclusives and meet and greets and all sorts of goodies! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to finally get stuck into the latest book – if you’ve actually done what I think you might have, you’ll hear the squeals in Nottingham!

My best bud @Lainibop has been working her way through her 130 To Be Read pile and has been kind enough to keep us appraised of her progress.
She’s recently created her own blog Fizzy Elephants and I recommend it to all! Not because she’s my bestie and I’m slightly scared of her…because its the best blog on fizzy elephants you’ll ever find! *Nods emphatically*

Obviously, Leeds Book Club would be nothing without its venues – each providing its own spirit and vibe (that’s right, man, I said vibe). So, as always a huge holla holla to our LBC Mothership Arcadia Bar and to Cafe 164, Giraffe Restaurant and Bar, Medusa Bar and the White Swan pub. We’d be nowt without you!

We’re so fortunate to be part of a broader network of bloggers in this city, Leeds does often feel like a giant community on twitter. Sites like Culture Vultures, Leeds Guide, My Life in Leeds, Leeds Online, Leeds – live it, love it and Culture Leeds (who also help us {read SAVE OUR LIVES}out with our write ups). The community have taken us under their wings and advised us, dragged us kicking and screaming into the 21st century!

We’ve become fast friends with @LeedsLibraries, who’ve bent over backwards to help us with book availability and kept us posted on talks and signings – some very exciting projects in the offing! Do join us and support this invaluable resource by signing up for membership if you aren’t one already!

The West Yorkshire Playhouse have been brilliant at keeping us up to date with their literary productions and we’ll hopefully be working together a bit more n the year so double huzzah and hugs and overexcited squealing for that!

On the booky front once more, there are two places I can’t help but visit every chance I get.
Leeds Waterstones – who have arranged the Leeds Book Club card for us and put up a shelf for book clubbers (eagle eye members – this should be returning in January!).

OK Comics is, of course, my other must visit spot. Jared and Ollie, the childlings, gun-running A and Sam – ye’ve kept me sane this last year – no easy task – and provided me with a much needed sanctuary from the real world! Whether I’m in for 30 minutes or 3, I’m always made feel part of the family. Thanks so much!

It’s so much fun joining in with projects like Beyond Guardian Leeds and the BBC Radio Leeds – becoming part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Thanks so much for the opportunity and looking forward to chatting away with ye again!

Last, but by no means least, it’s been fantastic watching Leeds Playlist grow – not least as it is run by book clubber and general cool dude @Wandapops. We’ve enjoyed listening to a variety of selections and sharing our literary ones. Can’t wait to see what you’ve in store for us next year!!

We’ve laughed, we’ve learned and we’re looking forward to doing it all over again in 2013!


One thought on “Huge Thanks

  1. Aww… *blushes*

    I'm sure I speak for all book-clubbers, fans, well-wishers and assorted hangers-on when I say – right back at you! Massive thanks to you for all your hard work making the book group so awesome this year 🙂

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