The Wind In The Willows Christmas Read-a-long

Last year, we read A Christmas Carol in lieu of book clubbing in December. This year Leeds Book Club would like to invite its members (and anyone else!) to join in the 2012 Christmas Read-a-long of…drum roll please…

The Wind in the Willows

First published in 1908; this novel has become a children’s classic – it’s wonderful mix of friendship, adventure, heroism and magic enchanting children around the world!
AAlso, a personal favourite of mine – I had the most beautiful illustrated copy growing up – and I can’t wait to rejoin Ratty, Mole and Badger once more!

BLURB from Amazon

When Kenneth Grahame first entertained his son with letters about a petulant character named Toad, he had no way of knowing that his creation—together with his friends Mole, Rat, and Badger—would delight children for nearly 100 years.

Here they are once more, pursuing adventure in gypsy caravans, stolen sportscars, and prison, but always returning to their beloved Wildwood. And although Grahame’s characters are unmistakably animals, they remain endearingly human in their eccentricity, folly, and friendship.

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I’ll be sending out regular updates regarding what chapters and when, but for those of you who like to be organised in advance –  


22/10/2012 – Chapter 1  – The River Bank
             Chapter 2  – The Open Road
29/10/2012 – Chapter 3  – The Wild Wood
             Chapter 4  – Mr Badger
05/11/2012 – Chapter 5  – Dulce Dormum
             Chapter 6  – Mr Toad
12/11/2012 – Chapter 7  – The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
             Chapter 8  – Toad’s Adventures
19/11/2012 – Chapter 9  – Wayfarers All
26/11/2012 – Chapter 10 – The Further Adventures of Toad
03/12/2012 – Chapter 11 – ‘Like summer tempests came his tears’
10/12/2012 – Chapter 12 – The return of Ulysses

By pure co-incidink, LBC buddies, the West Yorkshire Playhouse,  will be showing their production of the Wind in the Willows over the Christmas period.

Subtle, ain’t I?


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