Much Ado About Whedon Book Club

For the three people out there who maybe haven’t picked up on this; I’m a huge fan of the varied works of Joss Whedon. 
Yup, I go to cons and everything. 

About a month ago, a few of us Browncoats were chatting on twitter about the shows we love and the huge variety of pop culture references that appear in them. We reflected that a lot of books are mentioned and before you can say ‘Bad Horse, Bad Horse‘ we had somehow set up a book club that will be focused entirely on books mentioned in, about or inspired by Whedon shows and films. 

As I mentioned here, a future release Joss Whedon project is a film version of Much Ado About Nothing by that underrated and oft ignored English playwright and poet William Shakespeare. 

Seemed like the perfect choice for our first discussion! 

If you fancy joining us for our chat this evening, have a look at #WTFBC on twitter. 

That totally stands of Whedon The Fabulous Book Club. 

Find versions of Much Ado About Nothing for nowt below!
Much Ado About Nothing – Project Gutenberg
Much Ado About Nothing – Kindle (also on PG as free!)
Much Ado About Nothing – iBooks

Find fellow members on twitter by searching for #WTFBC.
Let me know your thoughts by either tweeting me @LeedsBookClub, commenting below or emailing me at


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