The Lightbulb Moment-the Launch

I’ve plugged it, and reviewed it, and now I’m going to celebrate it!
The Lightbulb Moment, edited by Sian Norris, is a collection of writing from people identifying as feminists, about the reasons behind them becoming so. Some are sad, some are funny, but all of them make you think.

Sian is launching the book as part of the Festival of Ideas, at the Watershed in Bristol, on Tuesday 15 May at 7.30 pm, and I’m going!
As well as readings from the book, the launch will include guest speakers on the future of feminism by Natasha Walter, Zohra Moosa, Chitra Nagarajan, Anna van Heesvijk, and Mara Clarke, who represent the bredth of feminist activism out there, from anti-objectification to abortion support.
Whether or not you’re an out-and-proud feminist, this is bound to be a very lively and interesting event and also, Bristol, I’m going and I want to meet you! This is the first time I’ll be leaving Yorkshire this year, which is an event in itself, so I expect you all to turn out in force! And buy your copy of the book!

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