Once Upon A Time Reading Challenge 2012

For the past two years, I’ve taken part in the brilliant Once Upon A Time Reading Challenge. This challenge encourages readers to try something new by expanding on the genres they read, and for a reader like me who tends to stick to what I know I’ll like (historical fiction, girly romance novels, and Scandinavian Crime) the challenge of reading a fantasy/SF, a myth, a folktale and a fairytale in three months is always a good one.

This year, because I’m woefully behind on my Mount TBR Challenge I’ll be combining the two. Again, I have no excuse but I work in a library and we’ve been getting some incredibly tempting fiction in for the past month or so-hey at least I’m doing my stats some good, might be failing on my blog, but work loves me!

I’ve had some mixed results from doing this challenge, but hopefully this year will finally read some fantasy that doesn’t make me foam at the mouth, and finally finish Angela Carter’s fairy tales.

Happy Reading!
BookElf xxx


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