Headingley Literary Festival 2012

Just down the road from #ArcadiaLBC!

Started in 2008, this LitFest is run by the Headingley Network – a community organisation that – 

 works to improve the environment and facilities for the local community. The LitFest is run by a group of people who are local to Headingley and our idea is that we develop a literature festival that draws on the strengths of our local community to entertain, enlighten and delight us all. But, while our roots lie in our community, it is also our pleasure to invite and offer hospitality to people of the word from around the country and the world.                                    (from their website!) 

Programme of Events!

With so many different events and activities planned, I’m unlikely to be able to attend as many as I’d wish. Having said that, I’ll probably be floating around before our book club on the 18th. 
If you’re out and about, drop me a tweet!


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