Leeds Playlist!

Very rarely do I do the plug thing…but

…is such a great idea – run by a book club member no less (waves to @Wandapops) – how could I resist!

 – From the blog…

This is how we do it
To take part in Leeds Playlist you must be in Leeds and on Twitter. It is important to me that it is local and social :)  

  • Make a 10 track playlist based on the current set theme, a freestyle theme of your choice or your take on a previous freestyle theme.
  • You can only submit 1 playlist of 10 tracks per theme. It’s hard I know!
  • Email me your tracklistings  – if it’s for the set theme it must be sent by the deadline given. Freestyle themes can be sent at any time. ( See contact page for details).
  • Include an intro paragraph about why you chose the theme/the songs.
  • Send me a link to the playlist on Spotify, YouTube or as a mix on Mixcloudor Soundcloud – or ALL! (Providing more than one way to listen makes it more accessible to everyone)
  • Please include your Twitter name and the name of the playlist theme in the title.
  • I also need an image to go with the blog post. Bonus points for creating your own.
  • Chat about the playlists via Twitter using #LeedsPlaylist and comments on the blog.
  • Please have fun with it – variety and personality are encouraged!
  • Share, share, share!

I will publish as soon as I can – depending on the amount of playlists received and how often I decide to post in the future (there may be a limit on future submissions for this reason). If you have any questions, please ask!
Please note: As it’s all new, the rules may change as we go along so please check back here before submitting future playlists!

We were delighted to see our playlist up over the weekend (Alice in Wonderland).

If you fancy joining in, drop a line to @LeedsPlaylist

Don’t forget to tweet using the following! #LeedsPlaylist 


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