New Scandinavian Crush Klaxon

The Reading Mojo is BACK baby!
So this Jo Nesbo’s a bit good isn’t he? Just spent the last two nights gripped in the seedy world of Harry Hole reading the first of his novels chronologically to have been translated into English, The Redbreast.

It takes a while to get into, and they really do like their herrings over there, but once you’re inside the frantic pace takes over and BAM, you’re running around Oslo with a Smith and Weston (a SMITH AND WESTON???? REALLY????) chasing after killers and thugs. This book gets extra points for making me actually shout out loud “BUT HE’S A NAZI!!!!” in bed, where I was reading this sitting bolt upright, wearing my most comforting cardigan.

Not only is Harry Hole himself a badass (him and Lund, oh God, oh that’s going to keep me going for a while…) but he’s also a Good Person; nice to his sister, respectful to his colleagues (apart from the corrupt evil ones) and committed to his job. He also has the ability to travel from Norway to South Africa and back IN A DAY. Morse, what Morse? HOLE!
Oh… and the writer… looks like this…



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