Christmas Read-A-Long – A Christmas Carol

We at LeedsBookClub do like to set ourselves little challenges
every now and again.

This year, we very much hoped that you (that’s right, YOU) would join us in our first ever –

Out choice? The festive (and not excessively long) classic by Charles Dickens’ – A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol Rough Guide

Stave One   – 21st October
Stave Two   – 4th November
Stave Three – 18th November
Stave Four  – 2nd December
Stave Five  – 16th December

Hopefully, if we get a bit of interest, we’d be able to meet up before Christmas for mince or apple pies and mulled wine.

Or to watch the definitive version…
The Muppet’s of course!!!

Fine the Project Gutenberg book here!!!

(I might just stick the book up here for direct download once I get a minute)


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