Mills & Boon at Morley Lit Fest

As a lover of all things ridiculous and romantic, one event I’ve been looking forward to for a while is the celebration of Mills & Boon, one of the events on the Morley Lit Fest calendar, this Saturday from 7.30.
Taking place in a 1950s themed diner, this event promises to be packed with laughs as well as sighs of longing, with readings, romantic crooning and spoken word artists.
I myself will be giving a short introduction to the history of the hero (just an excuse to have massive blown up pictures of Kevin Sorbo really…) and reading during the event.
This event is also be the launch of a very exciting project, the collaboratively written ‘Broken Shackles’, a Leeds-based romance novel staring our heroine Victoria Quartermain and the sizzling hero Nate Rothwell.
This book belongs in the raunchier end of the Romance genre, and is guaranteed to get your blood throbbing (had to use the word throbbing somewhere).
Tickets can be bought online or by ringing the Grand Theatre Box Office. At only £6 in, this is a real bargain for a great, romantic, book-themed night out.

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