The Cooksonathon

We like our Readathons, we do. N is currently in the middle of her Blood-a-thon, reading all the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Deep South Vampires not being my niche I’ve declined to join her on this one, instead going back to what BookElf’s know best; trashy romantic fiction.

Last year’s Steelathon might have resulted in hives of anger from a good 60% of the books read, but I still loved it; what better way to finish a summer than ranting about how ridiculous the idea of love at first glance accross a crowded room really is. I timed it dreadfully though- September being my busiest time of year. So I’ll be doing this year’s Romanceathon this month, before the panic starts.

I’ve chosen Catherine Cookson for many reasons; she was the most well-borrowed author in public libraries for absloutly YONKS until very recently, and the Steelathon was motivated by some tit who doesn’t understand the value of reading for pleasure as being intrinsically linked with the empathetic responses emerging readers gain from romance, crime or true life stories that are more popular than the classics and literary novels bitching about libraries and their usage on the BBC radio last September.

I’ve also never read any of her books. This is appauling, especially for a Northerner to admit. The very name Cookson evokes pit-side tragedy, gritty Northern towns filled with smoke and sorrow. I am very much looking forward to some historical weeping, as these were the favourite of the Steelathon books.

I’ve got ten out from work, all massive hardbacks that aren’t going to do my increasingly worsening back pain due any favours, but it is For The Cause. Like I did with the Steelathon, I shall be reading ten books, in two weeks (ha!). This will be holding off the reviews for a bit (sorry) but after that I promise to catch up…especially seeing as my favourite author Stella Gibbons previously out of print back catalogue has just been re-released by Vintage Classics (MASSIVE hint there to anyone looking for a little pressie for BookElf this Christman…)

If you are a Cookson fan, or fancy discovering her work, do join me!

Happy Reading!
BookElf xxx

Challenge Accepted



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