Podcast the second – A Valentines Day Special

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Valentines Day Podcast Special

‘White Linen Shirts a-Plenty’

In this exciting chapter (see what I did there?), we discuss
  • Falling for a Dancer by Deirdre Purcell
  • The BBC 1998 series of Falling for a Dancer
We do better than last time, but once again, at a particular spot, I let the side down. Cue lots of head hanging from me.
We give away the entire plot of the book, and the BBC television series. Then we poke fun at the holes, and get all caught up in the romance at the end. TOTALLY ruinated spoilers wise!
[audio https://podcastmachine.com/podcasts/8365/episodes/39300/media_files/91726/download/3/file_128kb.mp3]

Podcast the second – Falling for a Dancer
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