Booker Challenge

Our little book club was set up with a few core aims and goals in mind – cake and books (naturally) were probably the primary focus, along with the chance to chatter with fellow book lovers about a book we had all read (rather than our more usual very diverse cross section discussions), but included somewhere near the top of this virtual list was the desire to seek out and read ‘better’ books (though to be honest, we were all a little vague as to what exactly constituted a ‘better’ book).

During the year that we’ve been reading and blogging, there have been a few outstanding books that captured the imagination, made us think about the world with a new perspective, and were beautifully written – such as The Book Thief (Marcus Zusak) and The White Tiger (Aravind Adiga) – inspiring passionate debate and conversation. My new working definition of a ‘better’ book.

The White Tiger was also a Man Booker Prize Winner, which got me to thinking (a dangerous pasttime, I know) about setting myself a little challenge.
While accepting that there are many great books that never make in onto award lists for a variety of reasons, I happen to have read three Booker winners recently (and a nominee – just in case I decided to expand my focus at a later date) and have been very impressed by the diversity and quality of the works. I’m sure that not every book will be a ‘better’ one, but I hope that quite a few will surprise me!
So I’ve decided to try and read the lot over the next few years, aiming for at least one book a month.

Fancy doing the same? Then just tweet me(@LeedsBookClub), drop me an email ( or leave a comment at the end of the blog. I don’t mind whether we read the same book at the same time (mostly as due to finances, I hope to work through what I have or can borrow from the library or a mate), I more fancy having some company on the way, some one to poke and prod me when I’m feeling lazy.

There are 49 books on the Man Booker list in total, with two years producing joint winners, and as I am not planning on re-reading the books I’ve just finished, that’s 42 books to get through!


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