Book Club the Ninth

Book Club the Ninth  – AVIDREADER – 19-10-10
Agreed on:The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson (AvidReader)
– Everything you know by Zoe Heller 

A very short book club this time round, as we were all running around like lunatics, and then halfway through were maliciously distracted by a beautifully cooked meal!

BOOKN00B summed up all of our feelings succinctly 
-no point to this book whatsoever
-didn’t like the characters, had no interest in the story and is  delighted to have forgotten everything by now
-doesn’t know whether to ever try anything by the author again

-pointless, pointless, pointless
-read it, found it to be terribly dull
-the only decent gag in it was stolen from £100 to read the Bible Evelyn Waugh letters

-diabolical tripe, made worse by some semi-passable writing
-horrific characters, horrendous narrator, cartoony plot

We actually disdained to score this book – it left us all so annoyed and frustrated.

A few days later, I texted the ladies my choice for the Christmas period – the just announced Man Booker 2010 winner – The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson


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